BAO Maintenance Case Study

Recapturing Predictable, Profitable Maintenance Revenue Streams
Learn how a global security software vendor used BAO's Lead Qualification service to drive maintenance renewals and increase productivity.

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Increase Sales Productivity and Maximize Marketing Investments with BAO Lead Qualification

A security software provider recently asked BAO to take on the "heavy lifting" of lead qualification. In less than two months, BAO was able to drive more than 600 lapsed customers into near-term sales cycles. And more than 200 of those ended up buying – providing an immediate boost to the Client's pipeline.

Maximizing the ROI on your marketing investments requires targeted follow-up that puts your sales team in front of the most promising prospects, at precisely the right time, delivering the right message. But that rapid and intelligent follow-up can be a challenge.

SiriusDecisions tells us that it takes eight to 12 calls to connect with a decision-maker by phone, even if there's interest in your products or solutions. And, by some estimates, up to 40 percent of all inbound leads never receive any kind of sales follow-up at all. The bottom line is that successful follow-up requires resources.

There's a lot to lose if there's no follow-up – marketing has no visibility into campaign ROI, and those leads that were initially hot will very quickly go cold.

Don't leave money on the table – make the most of your marketing investments with BAO Lead Qualification.

BAO Lead Qualification allows you to confidently hand off the "heavy lifting" of qualifying leads.

With a team of Inside Sales Representatives each making an average of 175 calls daily, we have the expertise, infrastructure and resources to execute real-time follow-up with all of your leads, inquiries and suspects, giving you insight into which ones:

  • Meet your sales qualification criteria and hold a potential opportunity;
  • Should be returned to marketing for ongoing nurturing; or
  • Should be removed from the database.
BAO's Lead Qualification service is a win-win for sales and marketing – it enables you to take advantage of immediate opportunities and nurture others as they progress through the pipeline while optimizing existing marketing campaigns, accelerating sales cycles and boosting sales' productivity. Learn more.