Falconstor Case Study FalconStor built a true market segmentation model
based on custom, account-level intelligence from BAO.
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The BAO Intelligence Center serves as the nucleus for a go-to-market strategy that can be applied across your business – providing an easy way to quickly consume, navigate, act on and distribute critical information about your target markets, companies and contacts.

Across your organization, each line of business shares the same objective: drive revenue. But, despite having a common goal, there is very rarely a common resource that everyone can leverage to get them there.

BAO Intelligence Center demo video

The BAO Intelligence Center combines customized account-level intelligence and technology to deliver unprecedented insight into the specific markets, companies and contacts that matter most to your organization.

BAO Clients use this real-time market intelligence to optimize territories, increase sales productivity and fuel their go-to-market strategies.

It’s the intelligence you can’t get anywhere else – now delivered visually.

Through phone interviews, we quickly navigate your target accounts, filling your customized Intelligence Center with the real-time data that matters most: focused account intelligence including details about technology environments, budgets, current and future initiatives, as well as pains and challenges.

And from there, the BAO Intelligence Center builds a map of future sales opportunities for your organization. This type of granular account intelligence at the core of your enterprise-wide go-to-market strategy enables:

    • Sales leadership to improve planning and exceed quotas based on optimized territories;
    • Field marketing to run more effective demand generation programs and events;
    • Sales operations to better understand future sales opportunities within territories for improved execution of sales enablement;
    • Executive management to intuitively shape strategic decisions and initiatives;
    • Product marketing to leverage competitive intelligence to inform product development; and
    • The entire team to approach sales opportunities more strategically to drive more revenue.

Consume, Navigate, Act on and Distribute Live Market Insight

The BAO Intelligence Center makes actionable intelligence portable and accessible 24/7. Available via an app on the iPad® or desktops using Internet Explorer, the intuitive Intelligence Center allows users to browse, use and share visual data immediately.

Your BAO Intelligence Center is not a one-off data purchase. It is customized, ongoing, live insight at the hub of your organization – ensuring that each line of business is armed with the same level of deep, meaningful intelligence that can drive the collective go-to-market strategy. And you get your Intelligence Center almost instantly – in a matter of weeks, not months.

Learn more in our service overview and brief video demo.