BAO Intelligence Center demo video

BAO Intelligence Center demo

Real-time intelligence to optimize territories, increase sales productivity and fuel go-to-market strategy.

Information on BAO for Sales

Customized, account-level intelligence gives you an unprecedented advantage. Optimize territories, stop chasing bad deals, change the way you create pipeline, increase sales productivity and improve sales planning.

In just 75 days, BAO increased sales productivity for a global technology giant by identifying accounts with the greatest revenue potential and reducing focus on the 35 percent of target accounts that lacked real opportunity. This insight enabled the Client to optimize its territories and increase productivity. Not to mention the $1 million in new revenue and $7 million in pipeline generated.

Imagine going to market with a detailed opportunity map — real-time insight into the contacts and companies within your territory that gives you a clear advantage in identifying and closing deals. With BAO, you get just that: actionable market intelligence — and the appointment setting resources that will turn that intelligence into real pipeline and revenue.

We talk directly to the accounts you’re targeting, conducting live profiles to learn more about their purchasing plans, pain points, and current infrastructure. From there, we segment the accounts to prioritize real buyers and schedule face-to-face meetings via appointment setting with the “hot” deals to help you win the business before your competitors do.

Partnering with BAO gives you the market intelligence — mapped directly to your business goals — that you can't get anywhere else. And with the BAO Intelligence Center, you and your team will have 24x7 access to that insight, right at your fingertips.

Bottom line, your team will be in front of the right people at the right time, attacking the right deals with a go-to-market strategy that will enable you to consistently generate pipeline and revenue. But the strategic applications for this intelligence go far beyond that. Your organization will also use it to:

  • Optimize territories and sales planning.
    Use real-time market intelligence to focus talented sales people on accounts with the greatest revenue potential. BAO gives you the power to plan, strategize and staff around opportunities — the insight you need to determine how to best apply your valuable resources. An optimized sales team means a laser-like focus on priority accounts and new business opportunities.
  • Increase sales productivity.
    Knowing where there isn’t opportunity is just as important as knowing where there is. When you have the right reps focused on the right opportunities, your organization will run more productively — and more profitably. So stop chasing bad deals!
  • Attack new or under-performing markets and verticals.
    Expand into new and untapped markets with ease. BAO has the manpower, experience and scalability to quickly help your team gain traction where data, time and resource constraints have held you back. Our go-to-market services give you the intelligence and appointment setting resources necessary to plan and execute an effective sales strategy, even in uncharted territory.
  • Get an unfair advantage — by isolating and targeting competitive displacement opportunities.
    Stop losing deals to the competition. Approaching deals with real-time knowledge about which competitors you’re selling against makes a world of difference. At BAO, we help you develop strategies that uncover competitive footprints and pinpoint opportunities to displace competitors. With competitive intelligence from BAO, hitting rivals where it hurts just got easier.

Fill the pipeline. Exceed quotas. Drive revenue. A partnership with BAO increases sales productivity — and profitability. Learn more about our extensive services.